How To Troubleshoot With A PLC

How To Troubleshoot With A PLC

Neal Babcock,
How to Diagnosis and Correct Problems with RSLogix 500 and RSLogix 5000

Pub Year : 2009

With “How To Troubleshoot With A PLC”:

• You will learn how to SAFELY make changes to a system without overriding machine safety or personnel safety programming.
• You will understand the value of backing up the program, so that the machine can be restored to “as it was” condition
• You learn how to make temporary changes to a program to test new components or ideas
• You have to know how to QUICKLY get an idea of where the problems exists
• Provides you with more than enough “PLC basics” to get you going

“How To Troubleshoot With A PLC” removes the barriers that keep you from going online with a PLC system and correcting the problem.


PLCs – The Programmable Controller
The Allen-Bradley SLC Family of PLCs
SLC Rack
SLC Power Supply
SLC Processors
SLC I/O Modules
RSLogix 500 Ladder Logic
The Dialect of SLC PLCs
Connecting To The SLC And Going Online
The Allen-Bradley Family of ControlLogix PLCs
RSLogix 5000 Software
Getting The RSLogix 5000 Software
RSLogix 5000 Ladder Logic
Connecting To The ControlLogix PLC And Going Online
The Overall Method
Developing A Clear Goal And A Concise Plan
The 6 Steps to Creating a Clear Goal
The 6 Steps to Developing a Concise Plan
Troubleshooting And Diagnosing Existing Equipment
The Automated Drill Press
Evaluate the Symptoms
Troubleshooting the Logic
Searching the Program
Upgrading An Existing Machine With New Components Or Programming
The Automated Batching System
Know How to Get Back to Where You Started
Always Know How To Return A Program To Its Original State.
Modifying an Existing or Enhancing a Program
Confirming That The System Is Running Properly
What If You Don’t Have The Exact Replacement Part?
Troubleshooting With RSLogix 5000
Finding The Problem
Investigating An Analog Input
Tracking Down Intermittent Problems
Modifying A Program To Trap Faults With The Automation Controller
Accepting Rung Edits In RSLogix 5000
Forcing an Output
You Have Found The Problem – What Are The Options?
Troubleshooting Tips

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